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The ordinance page on the Village of Folsom website provides comprehensive and up-to-date information about the local laws and regulations that govern the community.

Chapter 1

Governing Authority

Chapter 1

No. 2019-1-Amending Governing Authority

Chapter 1

No.1-2020-Chief and Clerk Salary

Chapter 1

No. 5-2021-Police Chief Salary

Chapter 2

Mayor’s Court

Chapter 2


Chapter 3

Municipal Officers

Chapter 4

Elections of Municipal Officers

Chapter 5

Board and Commissions

Chapter 6

Personnel Policy

Chapter 7

Sales and Use Tax

Chapter 9

Alcohol Beverage Control

Chapter 10

Insurance Companies

Chapter 11


Chapter 12

Police Protection

Chapter 13

Fire Protection

Chapter 18

Planning Development Regulations

Chapter 19

Traffic Regulations

Chapter 20

Crimes and Offences 

Chapter 21


Chapter 14

Street and Sidewalks

Chapter 15

Solid Waste Disposal

Chapter 16

Water and Sewer

Chapter 17

Building Regulations

Chapter 23


Chapter 24


Chapter 24

No. 2019-1-Abandoned or Inoperative Vehicles

Chapter 25